Hello, My name is Duke. Jera and I are the owners of captured moments by duke. I grew up in the Western Suburbs of Chicago.  Jera and I met in college, and I proposed to her in a white carriage on a beautiful starry night on Michigan Ave in downtown Chicago. We have a daughter. We love walks together and traveling. We love ice cream no matter what time of the year it is.  Jera is an avid runner, and I enjoy bike rides by the lakes in Minneapolis.  

I have been a wedding and life photographer for over 10 yrs. My interest for photography came out of my lack of ability to draw or paint. I discovered that the camera was the answer to capturing all of the beautiful things I saw in the world. Everything I wanted to capture was right there in the image. My interest in the early years of being a photographer was in nature and wildlife photography. Now, wedding photography is where my passion lies. Jera has an extensive background in art and has been making our albums since the beginning but in the last five years has been my second photographer. We’ve have been married for 27yrs & it gives us a great advantage when working together. Often by a simple look at one another we can tell what the other one is thinking.

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